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Protecting Your Rights For Over Half A Century

If the police arrest you, the government has enormous resources at its disposal and won’t hesitate to use them against you. Though you have fundamental rights, the police can pressure or mislead you into giving them up without an experienced attorney’s counsel.

The Law Offices of Huffman & Kendrick, PLLC, has offered serious criminal defense representation since 1961. We serve individuals accused of a felony, misdemeanor, and traffic offenses. Building on the legacy established by her father, Robert L. Huffman, Attorney Carol Huffman Kendrick is a knowledgeable, zealous advocate for Monroe-area residents.

If you face any criminal charges in Union County, North Carolina, it is essential to secure defense representation you can trust to help you navigate your case. Every criminal case has the potential to be a life-changing event, and the outcome of your case could potentially influence the rest of your life. Therefore, regardless of the severity of the charges against you, it is always worth fighting conviction as much as possible. The right Union County criminal defense attorney in your corner could mean the difference between conviction and case dismissal.

Why Should I Hire A Monroe, North Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney?

It is crucial to fully exercise your right to legal counsel when you’ve been accused of a crime in North Carolina. Working with a seasoned local attorney who has experience handling cases like yours can dramatically improve your chances of avoiding conviction. However, you must find a reliable Monroe criminal defense attorney with the skill and flexibility to handle your case’s unique demands.

The Law Offices of Huffman & Kendrickmaintains a balanced caseload to ensure every client has access to the complete range of our resources, skills, and experience. Our experience in the community means we have built relationships with district attorneys, law enforcement, judges, and court staff, offering you a better chance of success.

When you choose our firm to handle your defense, we will carefully review your options and help you make informed decisions as your case unfolds. Depending on the nature and severity of the charges against you, your criminal record, and many other variables, you could have more options for defense than you immediately recognize. Hiring a Monroe criminal defense attorney is the best way to formulate the strongest defense against the charges you face.

Fierce Advocacy And Quality Defense

No matter what the specific charge entails, an arrest is a serious matter that can affect your ability to live the way you wish and care for your family. Though the criminal justice process can proceed slowly, the actions you take immediately upon arrest can have a lasting effect.

When you choose the Law Offices of Huffman & Kendrick to represent you in a criminal case in Union County, we will carefully review the details of your arrest and booking to ensure that the police follow all appropriate procedures. We will also ensure that any evidence logged is appropriately maintained with an appropriate chain of custody. If you believe you experienced any violation of your civil or constitutional rights, or if you believe your arrest was wrongful for any reason, we will carefully review these details with you. If the police were unlawful in any aspect of your arrest or booking, this could be enough for a judge to throw out your case and dismiss your charges.

When facing criminal charges, it’s essential to find a defense attorney who has solid experience handling cases like yours. We assist men and women who are facing all types of criminal allegations, including those pertaining to:

  • Homicide, sexual assault, and matters involving assault and battery charges, including domestic violence. These violent crimes often qualify for felony prosecution, and the defendant may face many years in prison and additional penalties if convicted.
  • Drug crimes such as marijuana possession or the distribution or manufacture of controlled substances. Drug offenses are some of the most commonly prosecuted crimes in North Carolina, but many of these cases involve shaky or invalid evidence. It’s also possible for some defendants facing drug offense convictions to argue in favor of alternative penalties, such as substance abuse treatment instead of jail time.
  • DWI and driving offenses. North Carolina enforces some of the strictest DWI laws in the country, and conviction can mean fines, jail time, and a loss of your driving privileges for an extended time. DWI penalties also increase for repeat offenses.
  • Theft-related charges like alleged shoplifting, burglary, robbery, and other types of theft. Penalties for theft offenses typically hinge on the value stolen and whether the defendant broke into another person’s property to commit the theft or used a weapon during a theft.

It’s best to retain a qualified criminal defense attorney in Monroe, NC who can prevent you from providing any potentially misleading or incriminating information to authorities. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney, Carol Huffman Kendrick can evaluate the evidence against you and assess your full range of options.

Building Your Defense Against Criminal Charges in North Carolina

While you may feel isolated and hopeless after an arrest in North Carolina, it is important to remember that many defendants have more defense options available to them than they initially realize. Once you secure defense counsel from an experienced Monroe, North Carolina criminal defense attorney, you can begin developing a cohesive defense against your charges in various ways. Of course, your best defense options will vary based on the nature of the charges you face and the details of the situation that led to your arrest:

  • If you are charged with committing a violent crime, such as assault and battery, your best option may be proving that you acted in self-defense. For example, if someone else attacked you and you injured them in defending yourself, this is not a crime. However, if they allege that you started the altercation, you could be wrongfully arrested and will need to clear your name.
  • If you are charged with a drug offense, a successful defense may hinge on proving the drugs in question were not yours or that the police recovered a substance from your possession that is not the illicit substance they claim it to be. In addition, your attorney can help you prove a lack of intent or knowledge if you are charged with illegal possession of drugs that did not actually belong to you.
  • Domestic violence cases are very complex, and ultimately many of these situations may boil down to one party’s word against the other’s. However, it’s typical for the aggressors in domestic altercations to accuse their victims of initiating these incidents, and your defense attorney can help you prove the truth of the matter.
  • If you were arrested for DWI in Union County, you might need to prove that the police lacked probable cause to conduct your traffic stop or that they failed to administer your chemical test appropriately.

These are a few examples of how you might formulate your defense in your case. Ultimately, the best defense strategies depend on the unique details of the case at hand. Therefore, your North Carolina criminal defense lawyer should carefully review the details of your arrest and booking and the evidence in play to help you devise your strategy.

Do Not Give The Prosecution Any Advantage

Attempting to represent yourself in a criminal case will be a boon to the prosecution. The average person with no formal legal experience would likely struggle to meet their case’s unique procedural requirements without the help of an attorney. If you are concerned about the potential cost of your legal fees, remember that you stand to lose much more if you try to navigate your criminal case and build your defense alone. The right North Carolina criminal defense lawyer is the best asset you can have, no matter what charges you face.

The team at the Law Offices of Huffman & Kendrick has years of experience representing Monroe, North Carolina clients in various criminal cases, and we are ready to leverage this experience on your behalf. We understand how stressful it can be to experience an arrest, especially if you did not commit the crime in question and need to clear your name. Please call 704-283-1529 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.