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Reinstating Driving Privileges

Regain Your Independence After A License Suspension

North Carolina law is unforgiving. If your license is suspended, whether for a DUI, unpaid parking tickets or another legal reason, reinstating your license can be a highly complex process. The state may require you to navigate a complex array of administration hearings, legal fees and retesting. In some cases, you may need to agree to limited driving privileges and other inconveniences. If you want to regain your freedom of movement, your best option is to work with an experienced attorney.

Law Office of Huffman & Kendrick, PLLC, was founded in 1961. Our services include a wide range of criminal justice and civil services. Our attorney, Carol Huffman Kendrick, is highly experienced with the law and is a firm believer in protecting your rights. You can reach our office at 704-283-1529 and schedule your consultation today.

Factors That Impact Your License Renewal

License revocation and suspension have many causes. The courts treat revocation for unpaid tickets very differently than revocation for a DUI violation. You will need a legal advocate who can help you evaluate:

  • What is the expected procedure?
  • Are you willing to have a limited license?
  • Is an ignition interlock device a viable option for your life?
  • Are there extenuating circumstances for the court to consider?

For more information on license reinstatement, you can speak with our legal team today.

Your First Consultation

Law Office of Huffman & Kendrick, PLLC, is known for its vigorous legal representation. We understand the law and will not let the legal system punish you unduly. To learn more about your options for license reinstatement, you can speak with us today.