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Mary Robertson

She and her team are professional, courteous, have thorough communication skills (which is so important), and brought us through an intimidating experience successfully. Feeling vulnerable and out of our locus of control, handing it over to her firm was unquestionably the right thing to do. She not only resolved the problem well, but far sooner than we even realized was possible. No one wants to need an attorney, but what peace it brings when you put yourself/your loved ones lives into capable hands!

Rocky Johnson

I have had horrible experiences in the past with attorneys! Most attorneys atleast in my experience were very rude, impolite, unreliable, unprofessional, and sketchy! So my experience with Huffman & Kendrick was like a breathe of fresh air! Kendrick and her associates were very friendly, polite, professional, punctual, and transparent during my consultation and throughout the entire process! They actually do exactly what you pay them to do! They keep you informed every step of the way! They dont treat you like just another number! They dont treat you as if youre beneath them like most attorneys do and have treated me in the past! I could go on for days with rave reviews and reasons to hire H & K but Im sure you get the point by now! The difference between them and other law firms are night and day! They are trustworthy group of attorneys in a day and age where those two terms seem to contradict! (attorneys & trustworthy) but believe it or not Huffman & Kendrick have managed to reconcile and accomplish just that!

Timothy Dye

Carol Kendrick was hired by some of my closest friends to handle some legal issues. Carol was well researched and prepared for the case. She made it seem like an easy win. I would highly recommend her for your legal needs.

M Tayburn

When caught in an unbelievable situation that requires an attorney, searching for the right one is daunting. Carol Huffman Kendrick is a recommendation our family would like to share. Her expertise and pursuit of justice was encouraging throughout the ordeal. Genuine concern encompassed not only the person unjustly accused but the extended family. We will be forever grateful.

Mark Thomas

I was charged with: murder, twelve counts of trafficking ecstasy, four counts of trafficking opium/heroin, and possession of a firearm in 2012. I had a number of lawyers I paid who didn’t help me and told me I would never be free from prison again, and Carol got me out. She was very patient, knowledgeable, and honest. She believed in me when nobody else would. She fought for me the way a lawyer is supposed to fight for their client. My parents and I had no knowledge of the law, and she walked us through everything very patiently, and helped us understand how it all works. Her price was competitive, and she did a better job than all my other lawyers combined. If you are facing any legal problem in North Carolina you need to get Carol. There is no amount of money worth your freedom.

Kelsey McDonald

Huffman & Kendrick law firm successfully took care of my needs. They worked hard and I’m sure over time to complete what I needed. They are amazing and treat all of their clients like family!!
I definitely recommend using Carol and her team!

Melonie Faircloth

Do you have an Attorney on speed dial? Carol Kendrick is the best in Union County and the surrounding area. I got caught speeding 74 in a 45 mile an hour zone. My life depending on me having a driver licenses and with a ticket this serious i knew I would be standing in the unemployment line. I gave a call and ask if she could help me in anyway. To my amazement with a good drivers record and an awesome Attorney, she got the ticket reduce to a non moving valuation. I kept my job and her number. Thank you Carol Kendrick for saving me.

scott orloff

I recently just closed out another successful interaction with attorney Carol Kendrick and her awesome assistant Brittany. It’s rare that you can be 100% satisfied when dealing with legal matters, but I was! I highly recommend this law firm for your legal needs.

daryl mccollum

Carol and her staff treat their clients like family. I have absolute trust in her legal advice and guidance. Carol has advised me on legal matters involving real estate transactions, eviction proceedings and protecting my investments through establishing a LLC and creating a will. I respect and value her opinion and I sincerely appreciate the advice she has given me. She takes pride in her work and strives to protect her clients. Thank you Carol for everything that you and your staff does for your clients, friends and the local community. I only wish there had been the option to post 10 stars.

Cindy McIntyre

I contacted ms Carl Huffman Kendrick on a Wednesday afternoon. Provided her with the information required and by Thursday afternoon for attended a bond reduction hearing for us and we were all back together by Saturday . I just wish We had come to her sooner. They were so helpful and understanding and faster than I expected. I just can’t thank them enough. God Bless them all in our time of need. Just wish we could offer more stars.

AllFor One

I got a traffic ticket for speeding and two days before the mandatory court date decided I better hire an attorney. Well there was a flat rate that seemed high but they said it covers all charges so whatever happens that’s the max money I’ll pay. Which when you calculate possible court costs and fines in addition to attorney fees is really extremely fair. I signed a waiver of appearance. Got a call the following week. All charges dropped nothing on my record, no fines and most importantly no insurance hike. Worth all the money that the attorney won for herself. I will use them again for any traffic issues. Best experience I’ve had with any attorney.


By far the best lawyer around! Very helpful and quick. Our family used her father for over 25 years and then pasted down to Carol she does a wonderful job in the court room! I can’t explain what a awesome job she has done for me!! She gets a 10 in my book!!!

Damaris Bernal

The best experience ever! Attorney Kendrick is the best. Her knowledge, dedication, and profesionalism is evident at all times. My whole family and I are extremely satisfied and amazed with the care and passion she had on my dad’s case from the beginning through the end!

Sandy Blankenship

I can’t even begin to say how grateful we are to Carol for carrying my family through a very hard experience. She was so gracious to us and always honest about what to expect in our case and kept us informed.
She has a friendly and helpful staff who support her which is also a
very important element when you are dealing with a legal matter. We did win our case and are ever so pleased with Carol as our attorney!

April Hunt

If anyone I ever come across needs a lawyer, I will be giving them Carol’s name and number with a quickness. I am not saying that it is okay for people that commit crimes to go unpunished, but they do deserve good representation. In my family’s case, Huffman and Kendrick Law Firm went above and beyond anything we ever expected. When your only son makes a huge mistake and is facing some pretty rough prison time, you do what you have to do. What we had to do was make sure that we could get Carol to represent him. We were able to hire Carol, thank God, and we were never dissatisfied at all. She does not sugarcoat. So if you want somebody to blow Sunshine up your rear end, she is not for you. She is very honest and realistic about what is going on with your case, even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. We used her on a small case also. You usually hear about how defense lawyers are tricky and twist things around. That’s not really true. But we did come across a prosecutor in another County that was really twisting things around and had we not hired Carol on that small matter, it would have been a horrible outcome. I think no matter what kind of legal problems you are having, you should at least give her a call and see if she will take your case… From traffic tickets all the way up to really big mistakes. I hope we never need a lawyer again, but if we do, we will not hire anyone else. Other than being a freaking awesome lawyer, she is a wonderful lady and I appreciate her more than she will ever know..


Huffman & Kendrick represented us in 3 separate cases, two of the cases were immediately dismissed, however, the third case had to go to trial after our offer to settle was rejected. Mrs. Huffman Kendrick was always honest and upfront about our case and didn’t make false promises, something that I really appreciated. She fought for our case in court and the case was successfully dismissed! I highly recommended Mrs. Huffman Kendrick

Debbie Mayer

Carol Huffman Kendrick represented my son in a criminal court case. From my first meeting with Ms. Kendrick, I found her to be one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She was an attentive listener with a vested interest in seeing that my son’s case was handled with the utmost care. Ms. Kendrick was professional and always able to see how actions might affect the end result of the case. Her interactions in the courtroom were a display of the trust and respect that she has earned from her fellow colleagues and representatives of the court. The confidence that she portrays in every aspect of representing a client brings a sense of reassurance that is needed during difficult times. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Carol Huffman Kendrick. Her outstanding qualities and professionalism make her superior in her field.

Margaret Castagna

Outstanding lawyer and staff. Carol kendrick and her team were professional, quick to respond to questions and concerns and were supportive through out the whole process. Her talent, knowledge and tenacity were able to resolve an awful circumstance befalling our family into a pleasing tenable resolution. She saved my teenage daughter’s life and future from being ruined. I highly recommend her !

Jamie Shirwood

Mrs. Kendrick quickly and efficiently handled my traffic court precedings. I had 3 traffic charges against me and she was able to reduce it to where I have no points on my license or insurance. The legal assistant Brittany was also very helpful and polite when I had any questions or needed advice. Overall I am very thankful to the team and would recommend their service to anyone in need

Hooked Towing

Attorney Carol Kendrick & her staff are the most intelligent, confident, & reliable law office in the area, & should you find yourself in a position where retaining an attorney is necessary for the best possible outcome, do not hesitate & give them a call!!

I truly can not say enough how much I appreciate how my case was handled…Made me feel like family is one way to describe the way Carol believed in me.

Thank you so much Carol & staff!!

Christopher Vega

Carol Kendrick is a wonderful attorney of the law, She and her staff are amazing at what they do! I feel she took the time needed to study my case to help with the best outcome possible. I was always updated with details leading up to the court case. Carol was a wonderful help to my family during a very hard time and fought the best she could ending with wonderful results. I have personaly attained her services twice , and have friends that have used her in the past. If ever I find myself needing an Attorney I would defiantly retain her services in a blink of an eye! If you are looking for a lawyer that is willing to spend personal time on our case and make you feel important not just someone else getting owned by the system Carol Kendrick is the right choice. Thank you Carol and Staff!!

rodney barnes

My name is Rodney barnes, and When I tell you that they went above and beyond to help me! Huffman & Kendrick is amazing at what they do! Very professional and curious! I would, and do, recommend them to anyone who needs to have things handled in the courtroom! Absolutely the best!

Scott Mayer

Carol Huffman Kendrick came highly recommended as an intelligent and well versed attorney. From the beginning, it was evident that Ms. Kendrick was extremely knowledgeable of the Union County court system. She was focused on the most desirable outcome and was thorough in her explanation of each step of the judicial process. Carol Kendrick sought out the most experienced professionals to assist in the case and she was genuinely concerned with each aspect. In the courtroom, it was evident that she is well respected by her peers as well as by the members of the court. Ms. Kendrick is a skillful and professional attorney with a personal touch that gives confidence in a time of uncertainty. I would highly recommend Ms. Carol Huffman Kendrick for any legal matter.

Helena Moore

In February 2020, I reached out to Mrs. Kendrick’s office. I was completely in shock of the events of the weekend. My child had been arrested for a serious offense. That same day a had started a new job so I did want to be seen on the phone. I spoke with Brittany who was so comforting and said she would speak with Mrs. Kendrick. We played phone tag due my inability to take calls because of my new job. Praise GOD, I would have a day off the following Monday. I met in person with Mrs. Kendrick and I knew right then and there she was the one. Mind you that same day I had met with 3 other attorneys. But I know from her professionalism and caring spirit I knew she would do her best to assist in my child’s case. Fast-forward to today, the has been resolved and my child is home. She is honest, intelligent and extremely professional. Our first exchange as I sat across the table, I could see the wheel in your head already strategizing. So was nothing but kind, she never judged me or my child, all her commentary came from a place of instincts, truth and past experiences. I walked out of that office knowing I had found one brilliant attorney who would fight for my child with every fiber of her being. So, today I say to you if you need an attorney, I mean a excellent attorney please consider Mrs. Kendrick.

Sara Brazzell

Carol Kendrick is by far the best attorney I’ve been with. She receives the facts and makes sure they are validated and heard. Kendrick is very organized and respected by most. I highly recommend her for any case necessary.

Richard Silver

Wow….I cannot put into words how beyond grateful I am to both Brittany and Carol for handling my unique legal problem with the utmost attention and care!

They way they handled My VERY unique legal problem located in their state was a MASTERCLASS in attorney-client relations.

Seriously, every call/concern/question/annoyance/random thought I had was handled with incredible efficiency and care.

From the moment I picked up the phone to ask them to take on my case to hearing the words “CASE DISMISSED”….I felt completely confident that my case was in the best possible hands.

If you ever have a legal problem in Monroe County, please let your first call be to Huffman & Kendrick for your own sake. You won’t regret it!

I slept like a baby for the first time in 8 years….THANK YOU HUFFMAN & KENDRICK!

rodney hough

To the Huffman & Kendrick legal team. You all are the best team of professionals I’ve ever came into contact with. I’m overjoyed at the outcome of the matters that were taken care of in the most professional and ethical way. My life and my kids lives depended on you and your team Carol, and you all came through for me as well as my kids like champions, and I can sleep again without worrying about my past, present, and my future looks brighter than ever!!! Thank you all so much and God bless you all!!!!!

Kaleigh Botts

I was given a very serious offense, I came to Mrs. Kendrick for help, she was nothing but that. She always kept things real and never sugar coat anything, at that point in time that was exactly what I needed and I would definitely recommend Mrs. Kendrick to anyone for any matter. She also has a amazing team working for her, another person I would like to give a HUGE thank you to is Brittany, she was there every time I called, every email and any time Mrs. Kendrick couldn’t be. I cant thank her enough. I’m very thankful for this firm and I recommend giving them a call.

Jack Farhi

I highly recommend attorney Carol Kendrick and her team. Carol is very calming and extremely professional. Believe me when i say that she knows her stuff and is probably one of the best attorneys out there! Carol and her team are communicative with their clients and takes the time to understand the situation and they truly care about their clients. To anyone that needs an attorney – PLEASE DON’T HESITATE. Call Carol immediately and she will take extremely good care of you. I cannot say enough kind words about my experience with her and her staff. Carol is the real deal.

Rakesh Aghera

Mrs. Carol Huffman Kendrick is one of the best & top attorneys in Monroe & Charlotte, NC area carrying Mr. Huffman client-centered representation since 1961. She took simple assault case so professionally which had lot of complexity and listen to us despite I had language & communication barrier. Not only that she took our case with upfront cost without any hidden fees or any other expenses where business insurance refused to represent me. She took our case with full confidence went in the court and able get dismissal my case before I had to present in court. I am forever grateful to her as she helped me & my family out and get us back on the regular life schedule with big relief. My family was truly thanked full to her & her entire team specially Brittany Starnes as they are keeping long lived legacy of Mr. Huffman’s client-centered representation in area which hard to find now a days. Recommend her firm 110%.

April Coffey

Mrs. Huffman-Kendrick is so awesome!! She is very personable and works hard for the best interest of her clients. She and her assistant, Brittany, are very nice and helpful. I would recommend her for any legal help from a misdemeanor to the most serious charge because she is going to give either case her very best!

Mom of high school senior

I reached out to Carol Huffman Kendrick after my daughter received a ticket for going too fast for conditions. Carol supported our right to challenge the offense in an effort to avoid license points that would have cost us money for several years. She quickly took the case and was professional, knowledgeable and most importantly realistic about the potential outcome. I would recommend her to anyone wanting an honest and caring attorney who gets the job done.

Emma Mayer

So beyond grateful that Carol Kendrick was able to get my speeding ticket dismissed. Carol Kendrick worked fast and I loved her friendly character. I would highly recommend her to everyone I know.

Marie Yando

Five stars are not enough to show how Ms. Kendrick and her team not only handled our case but treated our family. Her kindness and empathy were invaluable when we found ourselves in a frightening and unfamiliar situation. Her confidence, thoroughness and knowledge were comforting in an entirely different way. I questioned so many different things while navigating through this experience but never did I question whether or not we had the right attorney. Ms Kendrick and her team took quick action upfront and then coached us to be patient, to trust the process and to live our lives while we waited. Today we received the best news we could have hoped for and will be forever grateful.

Colleen Banik

I highly recommend Ms. Carol Huffman Kendrick for any legal help that you need. Ms. Kendrick and her team are knowledgeable, attentive, efficient, professional and personable. Ms. Kendrick will provide you with all the necessary guidance and legal expertise you need to ensure the most successful outcome.

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