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Drug Possession With Intent To Sell

Are You Accused Of Possession With Intent To Sell?

Drug crimes come in many iterations, but when the prosecution charges you with an intent to sell, you can be sure that the state will not take those charges lightly. It is a fundamentally more serious crime than possession. Intent to sell, distribute or manufacture drugs is a felony charge that will follow you for the rest of your life.

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Factors That Influence Your Charges

There are many things that can change the consequences and severity of an intent to sell charge. At our firm, we can help you identify the major elements in your case, such as:

  • What type of alleged drugs are involved, and how does their categorization (scheduled class) affect your charges?
  • Is there substantial evidence that you are intending to sell or is the prosecution relying on circumstantial evidence?
  • Was there a firearm or other violent element involved in your arrest or incident?
  • Are there viable alternatives to conviction?

We can fight intent to sell charges. They must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you intended to sell the drugs in your possession. We can examine the flaws in their argument and create a strong defense for you.

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