What should you expect after receiving a DWI?

Your recent run-in with North Carolina law enforcement resulted in driving while intoxicated charges. Police already arrested you, and you spent time in jail, but what else should you expect?

American Addiction Centers explains what often happens in the weeks and months following a DUI. Know what to expect so you may plan your life accordingly.

Court appearance

In most cases, anyone who receives a DWI must appear in court. There, you must plead either “not guilty” or “guilty” to the drunk driving charge.

Driver’s license suspension

Consider making alternate transportation arrangements, as a DWI results in a driver’s license suspension.


Depending on how your court appearance goes, you may face probation. You must meet with your probation officer regularly, and you must pay probation fees. When you meet with your probation officer, you may need to take a drug test.


Drunk driving charges usually result in various fees and fines. Those include legal fees, towing and impounding your vehicle, transportation to and from work while you have a suspended license and counseling.

Increased auto insurance premiums

Expect your car insurance provider to learn of your DWI when you next renew your policy. As an at-risk driver, you must pay higher insurance premiums. Because your current provider may drop you as a customer because of your at-risk status, you may need to secure insurance from another company, which may prove difficult.

Getting a DWI does not end your life, but it changes it in ways you may not anticipate. By knowing what likely awaits down the road ahead, you reduce the chances of encountering unfortunate surprises.