Accused of doctor shopping? Know your options

You may not know it is a felony offense to visit multiple doctors with the intent to obtain more than the prescribed amount of your medications. If you get caught doctor shopping in North Carolina, you can face a prescription drug fraud charge.

Often, people manipulate the system due to an addiction to their prescription painkillers, opioids or other narcotics.

What happens when you face a doctor-shopping charge?

The punishments for this prescription drug charge vary depending on your unique circumstances. A judge may impose significant fines or sentence you to jail. Your criminal history and the scope of your crime affect the outcome. If you are a first-time offender, the judge may consider sentencing you to a treatment program for your drug addiction.

How can you improve your situation?

Prescription drug fraud is a federal crime that can affect many areas of your life. Your path here likely began with an injury or condition that requires treatment with highly addictive medications. Dependence on these controlled substances often results from trying to manage severe pain under the direction of a physician. Identifying this uncharacteristic behavior helps you take steps to correct the problem.

What are your legal options?

Laws involving drug crimes are complex. Defending an accusation of doctor shopping requires extensive knowledge of the local courts, understanding how events can lead to the charges, and an ability to convey your circumstances to a judge effectively. Enlisting the help of experienced Prescription Drug Charges Lawyers can help you take action to address your situation, overcome prescription drug addiction and get back on track.