Helena Moore

In February 2020, I reached out to Mrs. Kendrick’s office. I was completely in shock of the events of the weekend. My child had been arrested for a serious offense. That same day a had started a new job so I did want to be seen on the phone. I spoke with Brittany who was so comforting and said she would speak with Mrs. Kendrick. We played phone tag due my inability to take calls because of my new job. Praise GOD, I would have a day off the following Monday. I met in person with Mrs. Kendrick and I knew right then and there she was the one. Mind you that same day I had met with 3 other attorneys. But I know from her professionalism and caring spirit I knew she would do her best to assist in my child’s case. Fast-forward to today, the has been resolved and my child is home. She is honest, intelligent and extremely professional. Our first exchange as I sat across the table, I could see the wheel in your head already strategizing. So was nothing but kind, she never judged me or my child, all her commentary came from a place of instincts, truth and past experiences. I walked out of that office knowing I had found one brilliant attorney who would fight for my child with every fiber of her being. So, today I say to you if you need an attorney, I mean a excellent attorney please consider Mrs. Kendrick.