Rakesh Aghera

Mrs. Carol Huffman Kendrick is one of the best & top attorneys in Monroe & Charlotte, NC area carrying Mr. Huffman client-centered representation since 1961. She took simple assault case so professionally which had lot of complexity and listen to us despite I had language & communication barrier. Not only that she took our case with upfront cost without any hidden fees or any other expenses where business insurance refused to represent me. She took our case with full confidence went in the court and able get dismissal my case before I had to present in court. I am forever grateful to her as she helped me & my family out and get us back on the regular life schedule with big relief. My family was truly thanked full to her & her entire team specially Brittany Starnes as they are keeping long lived legacy of Mr. Huffman’s client-centered representation in area which hard to find now a days. Recommend her firm 110%.