Rocky Johnson

I have had horrible experiences in the past with attorneys! Most attorneys atleast in my experience were very rude, impolite, unreliable, unprofessional, and sketchy! So my experience with Huffman & Kendrick was like a breathe of fresh air! Kendrick and her associates were very friendly, polite, professional, punctual, and transparent during my consultation and throughout the entire process! They actually do exactly what you pay them to do! They keep you informed every step of the way! They dont treat you like just another number! They dont treat you as if youre beneath them like most attorneys do and have treated me in the past! I could go on for days with rave reviews and reasons to hire H & K but Im sure you get the point by now! The difference between them and other law firms are night and day! They are trustworthy group of attorneys in a day and age where those two terms seem to contradict! (attorneys & trustworthy) but believe it or not Huffman & Kendrick have managed to reconcile and accomplish just that!