Can you bail out a minor from jail?

The juvenile defense system in North Carolina can be tough to figure out. For instance, many people whose loved ones have gotten arrested wonder whether or not they can bail minors out.

You cannot bail out a minor

In the legal system, there’s a difference between minors and adults. If a minor commits a crime, such as drug-trafficking or property damage, they have to go through trial as juvenile delinquents. Minors are often released to their parents or guardians until the trial.

In some cases, juvenile delinquents go to juvenile halls, probation centers or juvenile detention centers. The punishment in these places is often much lighter than the punishment in adult prisons. Juvenile defense is also different. For instance, juvenile delinquents cannot get sentenced to death or life imprisonment without parole.

A minor can go to trial as an adult

Not every minor will go through the juvenile defense system. If a juvenile commits very serious crimes, like murder or rape, and they’re over the age of 14, they can get tried as adults instead. In this situation, they’re eligible for bail just like any other adult.

Rehabilitation is key in the juvenile justice system

In juvenile cases, the judge’s goal is to put them on a good path for their future. The courts understand that juvenile delinquents are still young, which is why juvenile courts often come up with creative and lenient solutions to avoid locking minors up in prison cells for a long time, such as finding them mentors or tutors.

The adult criminal law system is different from the juvenile one. It’s only possible to bail out a juvenile delinquent if they’re accused of committing very serious crimes; usually, the minor will be sent home until their trial.